WIW - Dress + Sandals and why this will be the only WIW this week

Trying to keep in the routine of posting WIWs even if I've worn something before so here's WIW today. Super easy outfit, just threw on the dress and sandals and out the door.

Today is the only day this week I'm going to the office. Tomorrow I'm working from home and then I'm off the rest of the week. I will likely not post WIW posts but I do have a lot of fashion related things planned so I will likely be posting other things. Here's what I have on deck for my time off.

1. Purge and Put away - My closet is in OK shape though there are still a handful of items that need to go. I need to purge my accessories, shoes, and underwear/loungewear. I also have some things (Skinny jeans, some hoodies I held out for spring) that can be put away now that we won't see anything cooler than 100 the next couple of months.

2. Work on the lighting in front of my mirror in my gym so I can take styling and wiw pics at home by myself. I have a huge full length mirror but its super dark in there. I think I will try upping the wattage on the overhead bulbs. If that doesn't help I will look for an inexpensive floor lamp to go in there.

3. Style - I have some new items and I just need to play with them. Will likely be taking pictures and posting some of these for feedback

4. Create! I have a list of DIY projects I am hoping to get through this week.
Summer Bag or two
Reversible aline wrap skirt
Fix a top I love that is double v-neck and slips off my shoulders
Will likely be posting pics of these projects as I finish.

I'm very excited about getting the time to do these things. I'm hoping it all works out. There will also be a lot of relaxing, a little swimming, and some wine drinking involved. I will spend most of the week in loungewear.

Will return to posting WIWs next monday.

Dress - Kiyonna
Sandals - Jambu


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WIW - Hearts and Flowers and some white

Today is the final day in a grueling week for me. I have not been more ready for a weekend in a long time. The only thing better than a weekend, is a weekend followed by two days of work, then vacation.

Today I'm wearing one of my Janebonbon dresses. I have been wearing toppers when I've done WIWs for these so I thought I'd show it without.

As for the topper I have paired today it's a white cropped denim vest. I thought adding the white over a lot of color would make it work. I think it kind of does, but I'm still uncomfortable with it by my face. I don't think it looks terrible, I just think there are better colors for me and that I should stick to white bottoms.

Dress - janebonbon
Denim Vest - Deb
Shoes Jambu


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WIW - New Naya Sandals and a Dress

Wearing my new Naya sandals from the 6pm sale today. They are super comfortable and I love the two tones, the shape, and the heel height. I need to seek out more shoes from them.

In these pictures I think the shoes look a little too warm on me and my skin is coming off really pink. I don't think it's that way in person. I'm going to see if my husband can take a picture of me outside with the real camera after work to make sure that is true.

I'm going to have to put some thought into how I will style these shoes. Would they work with clear bright colors or do they need warmth repeated somewhere else in the outfit? I typically use black, navy, grey, or cool browns as my neutrals so this is completely new territory for me.

Today I chose what I thought was a safe bet as the dress echos both the grey and the natural color of the shoe. I need more work though as I think these shoes are likely more versatile than I'm giving them credit for in my head right now.

Sandals - Naya
Dress - Glamour from Beyond the Rack

Wow, that's a short list =)


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WIW - Casual Peacock take 2

It's supposed to be 105 this afternoon. 105!! After work I have a happy hour event at an outdoor beer garden venue, so last night I went through evaluating what options I had that I could both wear to work (casual environment) and would work for the happy hour.

I decided on this top because it's a couple layers of thin mesh and works very well in the heat. I needed to be even more cool than when I wore it last time so instead of sneakers I chose sandals and went with a necklace that hangs low so it wouldn't feel suffocating. Sometimes even the smallest necklace up on the neck will feel hot to me.

Top - Sweet Pea (thrifted)

Necklace - I'm not sure where it's from, it was a gift several years ago when I was maid of honor at a good friends wedding. It's silver and on one side it has an etched rosemary bush, on the other side it says "There's rosemary, that's for remembrance" quoted from Hamlet =)

Sandals - Jambu

Bottoms - These are from a Jr plus brand I found at Ross. They are lightweight but have stretch to them and feel nice.


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WIW - Matchy Matchy New Pencil skirt and Sandals

I had posted about the Worthington Pencil skirts and went this weekend to check them out. They didn't have all the colors which is a shame because I would have gotten a couple more. I might order some. From what they had I picked Flame Scarlet which is a bright orangey red. I knew right off it would go with several things in my wardrobe.

My shoes are the Naturalizer sandals I bought at the 6pm.com summer sale last week. They are very comfortable and will also be versatile for me.

I didn't have time to play with styling the skirt a lot this weekend but I really wanted to wear it so I went straight for matchy matchy.

I like how this turned out and it got some unsolicited complements from the hubby this morning which is always nice =).

Skirt - Worthington Seamed Pencil Skirt
Tshirt - Gap
Shoes Naturalizer from 6pm


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WIW - Burmudas and Optical Illusion Top

This top is weird because it looks completely different to me in person than it does in most of these photographs. In the pics the blue is overwhelmingly dominant but when I look in the mirror the purple and green is much more visible. I guess the close up print picture is closer to what I see in the mirror.

Top - Don't remember the brand but it was from Dillard's last year
Bermudas - Style and Co from Macy's
Sandals - Jambu


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WIW - Waist Surrendering Polka dots and skinnies

Today I wanted to test the fate of my skinnies for the season. Will they work at all in the heat or do they get put away until fall?

For this experiment I needed to pair with other items that I knew would not be hot. Open toe shoes, and a light flowy top.

I rarely wear outfits that don't have a defined waist so this is new territory for me too. It's defiantly a different silhouette on me, but I don't think I hate it.

Does this shape work for me?

Top - Nine West past season via ebay
Skinnies - American Rag from Macys
Shoes - Jambu
Necklace - Thrifted Vintage


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WIW - Janebonbon dress #3 on a rainy day

It's hot and rainy today. I feel like I'm in the tropics, but not in a good way. My hair was huge this morning and required some extra taming.

This is the first janebonbon dress that I got resale which prompted me to get the other two made. Despite this not being custom made to my measurements, it fits me very well and the braless effect works like a charm. I've worn this dress all over and after a full day of running around everything stays perfectly in place with no bra. It's taken me so long to do a WIW because this is my go to weekend dress and I don't usually post weekends. I can literally throw it on with a pair of sandals and be out the door in a minute. It's so nice to wear this on a really hot day. On weekends I often wear it without a shrug.

Dress- Janebonbon from etsy
Sandals -Jambu
Shrug - Citychic
Necklace - Etsy


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WIW - Summertime Black

I'm starting to get pretty envious of all the layering still going on around here. Denim Jackets, multiple shirts. It's just hot hot hot hereI'm still looking for some great summer toppers. I have found a couple but most that would be great for other places are still too hot for here. In the mean time, I'm happy to have a few more accessories now to help mix things up.

Today's outfit I've worn before. This time I added a layered necklace. The chain is black and the stones are deep purple. I tried a couple of necklaces this morning and decided on this one because I thought it echoed the delicacy of the lace in the top and the straps on the shoes.

Top - Kiyonna
Burmuda Shorts - Style and Co from Macy's
Shoes - Jambu
Necklace - Premier Designs


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WIW - Green, Navy, and Brown

Quick WIW this morning. I had a much better start to today. I wanted to try this green and brown pendant . I started with that and paired with a green top, navy trousers, and my doc marten booties.

I love these trousers. They are from Kenneth Cole and are the perfect summer weight. These are a Navy tone on tone stripe that doesn't come across well in pictures but to me they add a little more interest to the outfit. They fit me very well. I find that trousers are hard to fit generally but to me summer trousers are even more difficult . With thicker pants there is more structure which helps mask some of the fit problems. With thin pants there is no hiding for me. If they don't fit right they are going to look terrible. I probably tried on 20 pairs of pants when I bought these a couple years ago. I was looking for black at the time and ended up with Navy because none of the black ones worked.

Green Top - Kiyonna
Navy Trousers - Kenneth Cole
Dark Brown Dr. Martens Viviana 2 Eye Desert Boot
Necklace and Pendant - Premier Designs


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