WIW - The Maxi

This is the only maxi dress I own. When I wore this previously it was met with strong opinions here and elsewhere from both the shorten camp, and the keep long camp. I was very torn. This led me to closet this dress, which I really love.

This morning I decided I was going to wear it again. I think what I feel is that I'm not ready to shorten it now. I still might do so later. Today I paired it with some black chunky sandals.

Dress - Igigi
Shoes - Dansko

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  • replied 12 years ago

    I didn't see the original post but I like it long and the chunky heels offset it perfectly IMHO

  • Glory replied 12 years ago

    Love this look on you - the blue in the dress is lovely. Great outfit for a summer's day!

  • ManidipaM replied 12 years ago

    And this way you almost get a two-for-one deal on dresses! Yay! Love the sandals you paired with them --- the chunky offsets the long and floaty beautifully.

  • Transcona Shannon replied 12 years ago

    I think you look gorgeous Abie!

  • marianna replied 12 years ago

    I like maxis and I like this on you. :)

  • replied 12 years ago

    I really like the panels on this dress. I'm glad you're getting out and wearing it. If you ever get tired of the length, you can shorten it *then*, and it'll be like a whole new dress. Twofer=win win!

  • Deborah replied 12 years ago

    Abie this dress is stunning on you! Out Target (Australia) had this dress in a knee length version and it looked lovely too. If you like it maxi then keep it that way cos you look gorgeous and happy in this beautiful dress:)

  • Jjsloane replied 12 years ago

    Honestly I've been seeking a nice maxi dress (for casual wear) that is not too tight, does not require strapless or other bra of torture and this fits the bill. I think you look lovely and stylish. I say keep it like this until you feel a need for a change. A good maxi is hard to find.

  • Diana replied 12 years ago

    I am a maxi fan and I love this one on you. I particularly like that the top is not super skimpy - it's so hard to find a nice maxi dress that doesn't have a totally naked top. For that reason alone, I would not shorten it.

  • Carole replied 12 years ago

    Love the colors and print in the dress and I think you look fantastic in a midi. I will defer about the length because I am no expert and things are always to short on me.

  • Kiwichik replied 12 years ago

    I think your maxi is a great summer look.

  • annagybe replied 12 years ago

    Looks great. I just bought a maxi dress yesterday. Will post mine today.

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