WIW - Dress + Sandals and why this will be the only WIW this week

Trying to keep in the routine of posting WIWs even if I've worn something before so here's WIW today. Super easy outfit, just threw on the dress and sandals and out the door.

Today is the only day this week I'm going to the office. Tomorrow I'm working from home and then I'm off the rest of the week. I will likely not post WIW posts but I do have a lot of fashion related things planned so I will likely be posting other things. Here's what I have on deck for my time off.

1. Purge and Put away - My closet is in OK shape though there are still a handful of items that need to go. I need to purge my accessories, shoes, and underwear/loungewear. I also have some things (Skinny jeans, some hoodies I held out for spring) that can be put away now that we won't see anything cooler than 100 the next couple of months.

2. Work on the lighting in front of my mirror in my gym so I can take styling and wiw pics at home by myself. I have a huge full length mirror but its super dark in there. I think I will try upping the wattage on the overhead bulbs. If that doesn't help I will look for an inexpensive floor lamp to go in there.

3. Style - I have some new items and I just need to play with them. Will likely be taking pictures and posting some of these for feedback

4. Create! I have a list of DIY projects I am hoping to get through this week.
Summer Bag or two
Reversible aline wrap skirt
Fix a top I love that is double v-neck and slips off my shoulders
Will likely be posting pics of these projects as I finish.

I'm very excited about getting the time to do these things. I'm hoping it all works out. There will also be a lot of relaxing, a little swimming, and some wine drinking involved. I will spend most of the week in loungewear.

Will return to posting WIWs next monday.

Dress - Kiyonna
Sandals - Jambu

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  • Astrid replied 10 years ago

    Great plan, good luck with everything! You look fab - I love the dress. The colors and pattern are great and it's very flattering.

  • Nadya replied 10 years ago

    Pretty dress! Your plan sounds lovely. Looking forward to hearing more as you play!

  • Transcona Shannon replied 10 years ago

    You look gorgeous in that dress Abie and sounds like you have a fab week ahead of you. Looking forward to your update!

  • ManidipaM replied 10 years ago

    That sounds like a hectic week of home improvement and closet therapy ahead, beautiful lady! Wishing you all success and can't wait to see the results.

  • Kiwichik replied 10 years ago

    Very pretty dress - really suits you. How organised you are - good luck with getting all those projects done.

  • CocoLion replied 10 years ago

    Gosh, I can't believe your transformation since you joined YLF. You really know how to pick the right pieces that flatter you in every way. You simply look fantastic.

    Thanks for sharing your other goals -- I am also in a purge mode and have a bag of DIY projects to complete.

  • Beth Ann replied 10 years ago

    Great dress, Abie! Sounds like you have some great plans ahead. Oh -- and thanks for sharing the Kiyonna link. I had no idea I could wear here lovely dresses as a 12, but I've always wondered if I wouldn't find better styling for my frame in a plus dress design sized down, rather than a missy sized up. Are they pretty TTS?

    Can't wait to see the wrap skirt!

  • Abie replied 10 years ago

    Thanks Everyone! I am hoping to have a very productive week.

    Beth Anne, I find them to be very true to their size chart and their sizing is super consistent. Also, their service is impeccable from my perspective. They even encourage you to try multiple sizes and send one back if you are not sure. I have never had an issue with something i bought in my size from there fitting oddly. For me it just makes an easy place to shop.

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